Commit 5a26fea0 authored by Philipp Auersperg's avatar Philipp Auersperg
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# Kivy Service Example
Minimal Kivy Service example with a simple echo service
## install/build
$ buildozer android debug deploy
## logcat
# adb logcat|grep -e TestP3Serv -e python
## start app via adb
starting app via logcat works now
$ adb shell am start
but still searching how to start it from an android app
resources in the net:
- (!topic/kivy-users/a55E-xovkds)
- (
- (
from kivy import platform
# from kivy import platform
import time
def start_service():
print ('starting service...')
if platform == 'android':
if True: #platform == 'android':
from jnius import autoclass
service = autoclass('')
mActivity = autoclass('').mActivity
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